NASCAR Announces 2011 Changes
Written by Mike Presley   
Wednesday, 26 January 2011 21:17

brian-franceBrian France has announced official changes to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series for the 2011 season. For the past several weeks it has been rumored of a new points system that is very simple to understand, first place receives 43 points and you go down by one point until the 43rd place finisher earns only one point. That has now become fact and will be the points system the Cup Series will use going forward.



Bonus points will be awarded with three points for each win, one point for leading one lap and another point for leading the most laps making a max number of 48 points a driver can earn for winning a race if he leads the most laps.


Other Changes:
Chase: The Chase will still be 12 drivers, the exception is that the top-10 drivers in points are locked in while the 11th & 12th place drivers, along as their inside the top-20 in points given the chase spots based on the number of wins a driver has. Points reset to 2000 at beginning of chase, and drivers get three points per win instead of 10 bonus points. Top-10 drivers are seeded by wins but 11th & 12th place will get in based upon how many wins they have but can not move up and begin the Chase in 11th & 12th place respectively.


Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday: NASCAR continues talking to manufactures to make the Sprint Cup Cars look more like the cars you drive and this year the cars will have new noses that give the car a brand identity.


Choose Your Championship: Even though we have already known this for a couple weeks, France confirmed that drivers can only run for one title among NASCAR’s three major touring series. This allows Cup drivers to still race in the Nationwide Series but they won’t earn any points in that series.


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