My Thoughts of the 2011 Bud Shootout
Written by Michael J. Benjamin II   
Monday, 14 February 2011 15:01

2011-budweiser-shootoutWith the Bud Shootout in the bag, I hear people saying they didn't like how the racing is. One of the biggest complaints is the two- car breakaway. Although we did see the two- car breakaway in the Shootout and a lot of fans are wondering what NASCAR is going to do about it.


I say do nothing about it. Let the races happen so we can see what will actually happen with all of the cars.


In past races at Daytona, we have seen the whole pack of 43 cars stay right together. If it doesn't change in the 500, then do something. In the Shootout we only saw a few cars racing on the track. It’s a lot different with 43 cars out there for sure.


Although I thought the Shootout was very exciting, especially when it came down to the last 50 laps. Yes I will have to say that no matter what we will see an exciting Duels and 500, but I do believe we will see the two-car breakaways. As we saw when two cars are hooked together and going fast, there is a very small margin for error. If the pushing car just steps out a little, it could end with a wreck taking not just one or two drivers out but it could take out a lot of drivers in the process.


Watch out for the top dogs on the track for sure like Dale Jr., Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick, and Kurt Busch. They seem like top contenders for winning The Great American Race. But also just like we all know the Daytona 500 is anybody’s race to win.


During the Shootout we saw Kyle Busch lay back at the restart after he and Mark Martin got into a wreck and jump past everyone going into turn one. Now I'm not saying that will work in the 500, but anything could happen that’s for sure.


All I have to say is don't judge the race off of one short race. We all know Daytona has produced some exciting races there and we are definitely in for a very fast, exciting race this year with the new surface and better tires on the car.


The Shootout is just like the All-Star race at Charlotte, a race of chance. Plus it’s at night unlike the 500 where its raced during the day. The Weather channel is predicting 74 degrees under partly cloudy skies for Sunday. So the track is going to be hot and will change rapidly. We will have to keep an eye on the race to see how it turns out. We could see just the two-car breakaway or we could see the multi-car packs that we are all used to at Daytona.


I know that we are looking forward to a lot of lead changes just like the Shootout, which recorded a record breaking 28 lead changes in the race. Definitely watch for the underdogs in the 500, we will see a lot of new faces making their mark in this race. Sunday's race is going to be a great race in all aspects. Keep an eye here for up to date race coverage.


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