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Kinser Battles Schatz for River Cities Win
Written by Zach Davis   
Saturday, 20 August 2011 09:45


Steve Kinser and his Tony Stewart Racing teammate Donny Schatz staged a classic battle Friday night at River Cities Speedway in North Dakota with Kinser making a move to the inside of Schatz on the final turn to earn his sixth World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series A-Main Feature victory of 2011.


“That was a race,” Kinser said in Victory Lane. “Donny Schatz is one the greatest sprint car driver out here right now and to battle him tonight was awesome. I leaned on him a few times there and I shouldn’t have but I wanted this one really bad. We didn’t run nearly as well at (Knoxville) Nationals as we wanted to so we all went back to the shop and put our heads together. We came out tonight and got our second quick time of the season and the win so I think we found something.”


Local star Mark Dobmeier started from the pole and led the first four laps of the 40-lap contest before Kinser powered past to lead lap five. Kinser maintained the point until Schatz began his challenge on lap 18. The remaining 22 laps were thrilling as the two veterans traded the top spot several times while a grandstand full of hardcore race fans looked on.


“I just had Sprint Car 101 from Steve Kinser tonight,” said Schatz. ”I don’t think I’ve ever had that much fun in a sprint car. It’s cool to race your teammate like that and go for the win.”


Current World of Outlaws point leader Jason Meyers had a birds-eye view of the action from his third-place position.


“You know, I never wish anyone would wreck but I was kind of hoping that they would cancel each other out,” Meyers said with a laugh in Victory Lane. “All jokes aside, that was a great race between those guys. The All-Star Performance team is just happy to come out of here with three finishes in 2011. Seemed like we were always wrecking here the two or three years before that. Great show tonight for the fans. They always pack the place up here and we can’t wait to come back next year.”


Sammy Swindell and Dobmeier completed the top-five.


The World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series ‘Great Northern Tour’ continues Saturday, August 20th at Huset’s Speedway in Brandon, South Dakota.


World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series Results Friday, August 19, 2011
A-Main -  (40 Laps)
1. 11-Steve Kinser[3][$10,000]; 2. 15-Donny Schatz[6][$5,500]; 3. 14-Jason Meyers[7][$3,200]; 4. 1-Sammy Swindell[10][$2,800]; 5. 13-Mark Dobmeier[1][$2,500]; 6. 7-Craig Dollansky[14][$2,300]; 7. 83-Paul McMahan[12 [$2,200]; 8. 5W-Lucas Wolfe[18][$2,100]; 9. 55-Terry McCarl[4][$2,050]; 10. 15H-Sam Hafertepe Jr.[2][$2,000]; 11. 7S-Jason Sides[9][$1,500]; 12. 6-Kraig Kinser[5][$1,200]; 13. 35-Justin Henderson[22][$1,100]; 14. 1K-Chris Shirek[15][$1,050]; 15. 9-Brad Sweet[11][$1,000]; 16. 6R-Bill Rose[16][$900]; 17. 6N-Greg Nikitenko[24][$800]; 18. 83JR-Tim Kaeding[17][$800]; 19. 16-Rayce Martin[23][$800]; 20. 44W-Austen Wheatley[21][$800]; 21. 2-Austin Pierce[19][$800]; 22. 92-Kerry Madsen[20][$800]; 23. 9N-Wade Nygaard[8][$800]; 24. 91-Cody Darrah[13][$800]


Lap Leaders: Mark Dobmeier 1-4, Steve Kinser 5-18, 30-32, 34-35, 37, 40; Donny Schatz 19-29, 33, 36, 38-39


KSE Hard Charger Award: 5W-Lucas Wolfe[+10]


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